Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar, My Date Tonight

This post will be short because I am getting ready for my Big Date tonight . . . 


B says this is like my Super Bowl Sunday but he loves it just as much as I do.  Every year, we look forward to the Academy Awards.  The amount of celebrating we do varies.  It just so happens B’s birthday is around this time so I use it as an excuse to prep special celebratory food. B thinks it is all for him-actually not really, he knows me better than that.  In the past we’ve done super nachos, sticky wings, an “all-mini” theme i.e. tiny grilled cheese, tiny tacos, tiny corn dogs, very-large tiny martinis.  This year we are going with Shirley Temples, steak, baked potatoes and fixin’s, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Whatever the menu, it usually doesn’t involve much planning and prep because the highlight is not the food, it is the competition.  All of us-B, The Girl, The Boy, me, and usually Grandma-enjoy a fierce friendly rivalry to see who can earn the most points on our Academy Awards ballots. We have no tangible prizes, just the laureate of being the winner and the glorious reputation of “One to Beat Next Year”.  Here’s how it works.  We print out the ballots and fill in our choices while watching the Red Carpet Show.  Even if we haven’t seen all the nominated movies (if it not out on DVD or rated G-forget it) or have no idea what a cinematographer really does, we stand by our selections to the very end, rooting them on to the finish, whooping with joy when they win, falling to the floor in devastation when they lose. Walking by our house, you might think crazed, face-painted fans waving foam fingers live here. We are that serious.

This year, I have upped the ante a bit and added Oscar Bingo from How About Orange  This should add a fun twist to the event. While you’re there, check out the printable ballot as well.

Well, gotta run, I’m flat-ironing my hair, my make-up artist (The Girl) just woke-up arrived, and there is only a few hours until Oscar arrives.

How are you prepping for the red carpet?

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