Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Downton Abbey and Once Upon A Time

This is the first Sunday evening I have truly missed Downton Abbey. Last weekend, I was all distracted with my date with Oscar.  Now I’m really sad to see the season end. I am sure The Girl is happy to see my faux accent end, though. I must say, the part that brought tears to my eyes was the kitchen maid, Daisy’s story-so very sweet and she deserves to be special to someone. Don’t you think?  

I am not at all sorry to see Sir Richard leave and I loved the parting words of Lady Crawley, “Do you promise?”  And even O’Brien broke her tough shell a bit.  Most of all-Matthew and Lady Mary-finally!!!! 

Well, it is going to be a long wait but until then we’ve got Once Upon A Time and I’m a sucker for fairy tales.  

Turns out The Girl and The Boy are too.  Although, The Boy may tell you it is not his favorite show but you might see his nose growing because he’d be lying.  Sunday evening rolls around and we all snuggle up to watch what is going to happen in Storybrooke, Maine this week.  Will the Mayor/Evil Queen prevail over good again? Does Emma know that Mary Margaret/Snow White is her mother? What other tricks does Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin have up his sleeve?  It is all so intriguing, frustrating, and familiar.  We love it and I think you will too. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. I miss, miss, miss Downton Abbey. But Once Upon a Time is a decent runner-up. Yesterday, I did check out the Masterpiece Theater site and they have started Oliver Twist as their new series, subsequent to Downton Abbey. Rather depressing, but realistic. But I love anything British.